I just caught onto the podcast craze. A friend recommended ‘Serial’ which was a series just finishing up in the US so I was a little behind. The podcast follows a journalist examining the serial-social-logocase of Adnan Syed who has been in prison for 15 years for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee. I literally listened to all the episodes within a week as I constantly wanted and needed more information to piece together my own personal opinion to an absolutely puzzling mystery. It made great commute material as each episode equalled a perfect tube ride to work each way hence why it only took a matter of days to get through the series.

I’ve listened to it all now anyway and it was fascinating. I never realised how accessible criminal material was in the United States; it makes great listening on my end. Serial was in fact the first podcast I had sat down to listen to and I was proved how well the concept just works. I was aware that there was not going to be a conclusion to the case because I had impatiently snuck online mid-way through the series and punched a few keys into Google just to answer a few of my own questions on the case. So I was anticipating an overall opinion when the series finally climaxed and its exactly what I got.

I felt the narrator Sarah Koenig to be relaxed and relatable hence why I think this series worked so well. I didn’t feel like she was forcing her judgement down my throat at all, I arrived at a conclusion myself taking in what she had laid out on the table with regard to evidence on the case. Koenig summed it up well in the final episode: “It’s not enough, to me, to send anyone to prison for life.”

Adnan Syed’s case has been granted an appeal following the completion of this series. Its a story I will continue to follow. Roll on Series 2.

Try it for yourself: http://serialpodcast.org/

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