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DETAIL: Market Hall, Ghent

After posting a photo of Ghent Market Hall by Robbrecht en Daem last week, I took a stab at a Vertical Detailed Roof Section of the structure after researching the construction methods of the building.Vertical Detailed Roof SectionThe Market Hall in Ghent is one of the newer pieces of Architecture in the densely medieval city.
The hall stretches to 40 metres by 15 metres long and has a height of 20 metres at its peak point. The site it sits on is 24,000m2 as there also is a cafe/restaurant located beneath the market hall, and a bike shed also alongside the bell tower which were all part of the master-plan conducted by Architects Robbrecht and Daem.
The structure brings new value to the historic centre, opening up a space that was not so often frequented. It also creates a large social space opening up opportunity for events beneath, and gatherings or meetings. From being at the site myself, it was noticeably a meeting point for those who were to move on to somewhere else, the building certainly has become a landmark in Ghent because it stands for something different in the city, and also relates entirely to the existing architecture too.