TELEVISION: Making a Murderer

It’s rare I get the time to speed through a series however I had heard so many reviews about ‘Making a Murderer’- A Netflix Exclusive- that I just had to see it for myself.  The ‘docu-series’ centres around Stephen Avery- now in prison for a crime nobody is with any certainty sure he did or did not commit. That’s what makes it all so gripping and successful, it’s evoked such a reaction that it has social media howling with argument. Making-a-MurdererStephen and his nephew Brendan Dassey are serving life sentences for the tragic and mysterious 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach. He was arrested following the discovery of her car and charred bone fragments at his family salvage yard. His nephew confessed that Stephen had raped, murdered and burnt her body however later retracted his statement claiming he was forced to confess, and that such event never happened and he had no involvement whatsoever. What  makes Stephen’s involvement so peculiar is that he was wrongfully jailed in 1985 for a sexual assault conviction later deemed false- 18 years too late. He challenged the state for the conviction and for his lengthy false imprisonment, and was on track to receive a healthy payout. This payout was cut short as Teresa’s murder then occurred. Many argue the state was responsible which I completely understand as their stories are equally as inconsistent as the Avery’s. I did not get a good vibe from characters such as Ken Kratz, Andrew Colborn and James Lenk- they all did not seem genuine and got on my nerves constantly because nothing quite added up with them.

Overall I found the entire journey extremely twisty, my theories were constantly tested and at many times I felt betrayed, disloyal and astonished- a strange combination indeed. My view now? I don’t fully ‘get’ Stephen or the State, both parties are not honest in my opinion and there is some shade cast over both their stories. But that’s what makes good TV and explains why it a hot topic right now! I would absolutely recommend you give it a chance as it’s something different and real. Get over the speed bump of a first episode and you will sail through.